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Why are we here?

At Seeds of Faith, we believe in sowing the seeds of hope, opportunity, and education in the lives of children from underprivileged homes.Every child deserves a chance to dream, to explore, and to learn. We believe that by nurturing the minds and hearts of these children, we can break the cycle of poverty and pave the way for a better tomorrow.

Our mission is simply to encourage learning through play and through that and many other arms we aim to uplift these young souls by providing them with the tools they need to grow, learn, and flourish.
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How We Help

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Meet Rethabile Matang: A Beacon of Hope and Founder of Seeds of Faith

In a world where challenges abound, Rethabile Matang a Christian black female with a heart brimming with compassion shines as a guiding light of inspiration. She is the Founder and Chairperson of Seeds of Faith, a nonprofit organization that has been sowing the seeds of hope since 2016.

What began with a simple yet profound realization that every child, regardless of their circumstances, deserves a chance to thrive led her to embark on a mission to make a difference. Seeds of Faith was born, and it has been helping lives ever since.

Rethabile's story is a testament to the power of faith, love, and determination. Together with Seeds of Faith, she is changing the lives of children, one heart at a time. Join her on this inspirational journey, and together, we can nurture the seeds of faith in the hearts of those who need it most.

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